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Charting Flash Charts II Details 04/02/2011 Flash Charts III Details Flash Charts IV Details Canvas Charts Details Image-based Charting I Details Image-based Charting II Details 08/23/2009 Image-based Charting III Details 07/08/2011 Javascript I Details 02/22/2011 Javascript II Details 02/22/2011 Javascript III Details 02/22/2011 Javascript V Details 02/22/2011 Javascript IV Details 02/22/2011 Javascript VI Details 01/01/2009 Commercial Charting I Details Commercial Charting II Details Jquery and Filament Details 02/21/2011 jqplot Details
vis.stanford. 02/21/2011 Protovis Details
filamentg 02/21/2011 Filament (JQuery). Details 03/19/2011 Logfile analyzer to get advanced statistics Details
Cheat Sheets mySQL Details Ruby Details UNIX Toolbox Details 05/25/2011 UNIX's by Treebeard Details vi Details vim Details vi/vim keyboard layout! Details GIT *visual* cheat Details irc Details O'Reilly Linux Commands Details 02/21/2011 css3 many sheets! Details 2.1 04/01/2009 Migrations Details 11/29/2006 SVN codes Details 07/24/2011 Rspec shoulda cheat sheet Details 07/29/2011 git cheat sheats Details 09/22/2011 Rspec (and others) Details 04/21/2012 Venn Set diagrams for SQL visualization Details 1.3.2 05/07/2009 jQuery Cheat Sheet Details
Code Tryouts 11/26/2011 SQL commands, db's Details 12/16/2011 jsfiddle Details 12/16/2011 codepad Details 01/23/2012 Javascript syntax checker Details 02/04/2012 A Ruby regular expression editor Details 02/28/2012 Ruby tryouts Details 03/18/2012 regex withy many examples. Details 03/18/2012 Gist - github based sharing Details,html,live 04/21/2012 javascript checker Details
Codes, Data, Stats m3u file format Details m3u Details 04/15/2011 Un Statistics Details 04/15/2011 Cancer Rates Details 06/11/2011 Browser Statistics Details 06/11/2011 web standards Details
Concepts REST Details 07/24/2011 ood principles Details Object Mentor Blog Details 06/11/2011 programmer skills and competency matrix Details
Databases-NoSQL 04/01/2010 Redis Tutorial Details 11/26/2011 SOLR Sunpot query form demo Details
Databases-SQL mySQL Date Formats Details 06/08/2007 UNION ALL inserts Details 06/11/2011 Postgres on Ubuntu with pg Details 06/11/2011 mongoDB Details 5.5 10/06/2010 Install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu Details 3 01/06/2011 Postgres and Rails3 Details 06/11/2011 mySQL date formats Details 10/27/2011 Database Model ERD's Details 03/01/2012 PostgresOnAMac Details 03/01/2012 mySQL on a Mac Details 03/01/2012 mySQL on a Mac II Details
Editors vi/vim Tutorial Details
Fonts 10/24/2011 The League of Movable Type Details 10/24/2011's list of font sites Details 10/24/2011 Fonts that are 100% free for commercial use. Details 10/24/2011 Google Web Fonts Details 10/24/2011 Web Fonts Details 10/24/2011 Jos Buivenga's Font Foundry Details 10/24/2011 Free Fonts Details 10/24/2011 font head fonts Details
Git 09/01/2010 Git commands Details GitHub Details 04/20/2011 Git Pulls and more. Details 06/11/2011 git workflows Details 07/24/2011 git cheat sheets Details
HTML / CSS CSS Examples Details 01/10/2010 HTML5 Cross Browser Drag and Drop Details HTML5 Specifications Details css box model cheat guide Details 02/25/2011 CSS navigation menu guide Details 08/12/2009 CSS Navigation II Details 02/27/2011 CSS Library of menus, images, font, etc. Details 02/27/2011 web font examples Details 03/09/2010 HTML5 Fallbacks Details 03/25/2011 Site Template (Orange/black) Details 04/15/2011 CSS to SASS online converter Details 04/15/2011 A guide to Visual Design for everybody Details 09/29/2010 CSS Framework Details 04/24/2011 Style Standards Details 08/21/2011 HTML codes Details 08/28/2008 Zebra striping with CSS3 Details 10/27/2011 50 Awesome CSS3 Animations Details 10/27/2011 Bootstrap from Twitter - Simple Site Builder Details 01/17/2010 nth-child everywhere Details 08/17/2008 Form Elements: 40+ CSS/JS Styling and Functionality Techniques Details 07/01/2010 HTML/CSS Best Practices. Details 03/01/2012 makes IE 6-9 capable of rendering CSS3 elements Details
Icons & Images 08/25/2011 Countries Details 08/25/2011 35 different sets of Icons Details 08/25/2011 IconsBig Details 08/25/2011 Icon galleries by subject Details 08/25/2011 Icons - tiny size Details 08/25/2011 Icon Archive Details 11/24/2011 Spinning "waiting" gif generation Details
jQuery 03/22/2011 jQueryUI Details 11/02/2011 jQueryUI All Effects demos & code. Details 06/11/2011 jQuery Forms Details 11/02/2011 Plugins List Details 06/17/2009 JQuery Slider Details Formtastic and jQueryUI Details 05/26/2010 jQuery UI Datepicker Details 03/22/2011 10+ jQuery photo gallery and slider plugins Details 03/22/2011 Qtip rollover/pop-up and other effects Details 03/22/2011 Cats Who Code! Details 03/22/2011 Isotop, Visual Groups, Sorts, Filters Details 1.1 03/20/2011 liteAccordian photogallery Details 03/24/2011 Zoomy Details 03/24/2011 Memory Game Details 03/24/2011 Galleriffic for Photos Details 03/24/2011 WOW Photo Slider Details 12/31/2008 Hover accordian, still good in 2011 Details 04/04/2011 Highlight elements Details 04/04/2011 Image Flow Details 04/15/2011 Rails Ajax and JQuery Details 04/15/2011 Form submit without page refresh Details 04/15/2011 10 jQuery Tutorials Details 09/02/2011 Learning jQuery Tutorials, etc. Details 03/07/2011 jQuery Plugin for Textarea Autocomplete Details 02/10/2011 @font-face Details 10/27/2011 jQuery scrollable Details 04/13/2010 jquery HTML tables. Details 05/27/2012 Visual jQuery Help Details
Linux/UNIX THE linux documentarion project - everything! Details Linux Details Online Linux man pages Details Linux Help Site Details LPI (Exams) Details NFS Details UNIX Quick Guide (FermiLab) Details UNIX for Geeks. Details Linux/Unix Command List. Details UNIX find command from IBM Details vi-1 Details Linux Command Line List Details vi_2 Details UNIX job control Details sudo in Ubuntu Details Ubuntu Dual Boot Details find tutorial Details Ubuntu Partitioning Details Installing Rails3 on Ubuntu 10.04 Details 03/25/2011 Configuring an Ubuntu Linux Based Web Server Details 06/11/2009 Linux crontab Details 05/21/2010 The Novice Guide To Buying A Linux Laptop Details 06/11/2011 Install Samba Server on Ubuntu Details
Media Icons, images, etc. Details Sounds Details FreePlay Music Details CSS's Details Graphics, Icons, Images Pixar Style Details
graphicpeel.c 02/21/2011 Icons Details 02/27/2011 Color and Causes of Color Details 02/27/2011 Color Blender Details
Mobile 10/27/2011 Cell Phone resolution by Brand and Model Details
Performance 04/13/2011 Presentation from Mauricio Linhares Fast, Slow and Lazy Details 04/13/2011 Yslow Details 04/13/2011 Page Speed Details 04/13/2011 Web Accelerator Details 04/13/2011 PNG Crusher Details - 04/13/2011 Content Delivery Networks Details 04/13/2011 Minification tools to shrink things Details
Rails API Details YAML Details Rail Forum Details Rails Home Page Details Rails Casts! Details Tutorials Details RoR Wiki Book Details Routes Details 11/01/2009 SOAP & Web Services Details SOAP-Rails Details 2.3 Rails mini guide 2.3 Details 07/18/2007 csv import spreadhseet Details 3.0.1 Rails3 api Details Routing Details 2.1 Migrations Details Google Maps Details Attachments Details 04/17/2008 Attachments with paperclip Details 06/01/2007 Rails Rake Tasks Reference Details Migrations mini-guide Details 3 07/18/2010 Rails 3 Ideal setup Details Google Map Lat/Long Details 07/01/2010 Rails3 info Details 10/01/2008 AWS - Amazon Web Services Details 02/23/2011 Sending RoR Emails Details 03/12/2009 Email queueing with ActionMailer,Rails and Crontab Details 02/27/2011 David Chelimsky & Rspec 2.0 Details 04/06/2010 Rake how-to's Details 02/05/2007 Nested Resources in Routes by Jamis Buck Details 2 02/14/2011 Moving gems to a Gemfile for use with Bundler Details 09/20/2007 RoR security Details 2.3 06/11/2011 Using Bundler with Rails 2.3 for gems Details 3 06/28/2010 Rails 3 upgrade Details
ttp:// 3 11/07/2010 Rails3 upgrade Details 10/20/2007 aes for rails Details 12/25/2010 rvm Details 03/12/2009 email cron and crontab Details 04/25/2011 Recurring tasks in Ruby on Rails using runner and cron jobs Details 07/16/2008 Running a ruby script via crontab Details 02/21/2011 ror cron crontab Details 06/11/2011 RoR tutorials by Michael Hart Details 10/24/2007 has_many through Details 01/21/2010 has_many thnough checkboxes Details 09/24/2011 Rails3 template, scaffold, good look Details 12/25/2010 Ubuntu, Ruby, RVM, Rails, and You Details 10/10/2011 Ruby on Rails - Beginner Terms and approaches Details 10/10/2011 Ubuntu, Ruby on Rails, rvm Details 09/09/2010 Ruby on Rails 3 and Google Book Search Details 01/23/2012 link_to_remote Details 03/01/2012 Rails 3.2 app with Devise and RSpec and Cucumber. Details
Rails Testing 11/21/2008 Testing - RSpec, Cucumber & User stories Details 02/24/2009 Outside In Development wth Cucumber and Rspec Details 03/14/2009 Outside In Details Cucumber Details 06/11/2011 TDD (Test Driven Development) for testing Details 06/11/2011 rspec documentation Details 04/03/2009 rspec and factory girl for testing Details 2.3.9 11/14/2010 Testing your Rails 2.3.9 Gem plugin with rspec Details 03/28/2010 Rspec Best Practices Details 03/30/2009 Cucumber I (Basics) Details 04/27/2009 Cucumber II (Refactoring) Details 11/02/2009 Cucumber III (Pickle) Details 06/06/2010 Shoulda Cheat Sheet Details 03/01/2012 7 Rspec Best Practices Details
Rails-Routes 03/30/2010 Routes in Rails 3 Details
RoR-Forms 01/27/2010 form_for & form_tag 2010 Details 02/01/2009 Nested Attributes Details 07/29/2011 Form Helps (Rails Guide). Details 07/29/2011 Nested attributes - api Details 06/04/2009 Forms - Nesting & has_one Details 2.3.5 07/23/2010 Forms - accepts_nested_attributes_for (2 levels) Details 06/29/2010 Platformatech Simple Form Info! Details 07/29/2011 Extremely Simple Calendar Details 07/29/2011 Simple Form with has_many => through Details 11/09/2011 Client Side Validations (2011 RailsCast, jQuery). Details 11/26/2011 Calendar Date Select Details
RoR-Models Active Record Details,359985,359985 Rails & mySQL Details INCLUDE vs. JOIN Railscast Details 11/01/2009 Models from Tables! Details Data Mapper (alternative to ActiveRecord) Details sti Details 06/13/2008 polymorphism Details sti (ii) Details 02/23/2007 STI good and bad Details 2 06/11/2011 Nested Resources Details 09/30/2010 mrme - Rails Models Reverse Engineering gem Details 04/16/2011 Nested has_many => through Details 11/09/2011 Rails3 Custom Validators to validate fields. Details 02/23/2012 Scopes with multiple examples. Details 04/21/2012 Magic Model Generator Details
RoR-Plugins/Gems Top Rated plugins list Details Composite Primary Keys Details acts_as_audited for user create/update stamps. Details GoogleMaps Details Simple Captcha Details RSpec on Rail Details auto_complete Details Acts as Resource Details Validates date time Details Validates as email Details AuthLogic, User Login & Authentication. Details 01/26/2010 AuthLogic & multiple sessions Details 02/08/2012 gems grouped by functionality Details
RoR-Views AJAX Sortable Lists Details 03/10/2010 Date Formats Details 11/01/2008 Drag and Drop table sorting Details 10/01/2009 View Mapper Details url_for tag Details 03/22/2011 Calendar Date Select Details 03/09/2011 Flash Message Details 04/15/2011 Dependent Drop-down lists with AJAX Details 01/23/2012 rjs in rails Details 11/22/2006 rjs in rails Details
rorMD Apps Shifter Details Linker Details Rater Details Shopper Details Traveler Details Blogger Details Stats Details Swapper Details Snowfight! Details
Ruby String concatenation Details Ruby Details Ruby Symbols Details Regular Expression in Ruby Details 09/02/2008 Ruby SOAP Details Time Class Details Enumerable Details 06/01/2006 Arrays Details 08/03/2009 Ruby Array Inject Details strftime Details Enumerable API Details 02/23/2011 Pattern Matching Details 03/20/2010 Ruby and Amazon AWS Details 02/24/2011 Pattern Matching Details 02/20/2009 Amazon AWS Sample Ruby Code Details 05/07/2006 Ruby Arrays Details 04/15/2011 Rake Details 04/20/2011 %w word splitting Details 01/21/2012 ruby syntax Details 03/01/2012 Ruby Toolbox Details
Site Generators 01/23/2012 Site Builder - "We convert your design" Details
Source Control 04/28/2009 Forking in git Details 04/15/2011 Git with Subversion Details 04/15/2011 git-svn Details 06/11/2011 svn Details 03/05/2012 git - online book Pro Git Details
Standards 09/27/2004 checkbox vs radio dial Details 06/11/2011 Web Accessibility Checker Details
The Acronyms - CSS-Padding TaRBalL TopRightBottomLeft Details
- REISUB Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring Details
.. 08/21/2011 Buddha MPS U BDHM{PSU BinBootDevEtcHomeLibMntOptProcRootSbinTmpVarUsr Details
Tools What's My IP Details Color Zilla! Details Firebug Details FireFox HTML Validator Details GIMP Image manipulation Details Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer (Linux) Details Speed Test (connection) Details Dropbox Details git-svn Details 04/13/2011 Textile Converter Details 04/15/2011 Prezi Animations (alternative to powerpoint) Details
Tutorials Online Surevey Design Guide. Details HTML, CSS Tutorials, reference, etc. Details Meshplex ROR Tutorials Details 11/09/2011 Great Rails Tutorials (paid) with coding! Details Interactive Progressive Rails Lab Tutorials! Details 03/24/2010 Sharing Files & Folders Between Linux, Mac and Windows Details 12/31/2010 Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Learn by Example Details 04/15/2011 HAML tutorial Details 11/26/2011 Ruby cheatsheat with other language comparisons Details

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